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Print Advertising To Bookstores


Promote your book with FULL COLOR 1/4 page, 1/2 page, or full page ads that are printed and mailed to 1,000 independent bookstores across the United States.


You will receive a copy of your ad in the mail once printing is completed.


We design the ad. Only 4 to 5 pages of ads mailed per month.  That is only 16 to 20 fourth page ads, or 8 to 10 half page ads or 5 full page ads. Once space books up, we will advertise your book in the next mailing.


January 2012 Mailing - (PDF File)


December 2011 Mailing - (PDF File)


November 2011 Mailing - (PDF File)


Sample 1/4 page and 1/2 page ads - (PDF File)


Sample Full Page Ads - (PDF File)




1/4 Page Ad -  $150

1/2 Page Ad -  $250

Full Page Ad -  $350 - Order A Full Page AD and Get A Free Author's Marketing Kit worth over $800****


That means it only costs you 15 to 35 cents per bookstores we mail to. 


Order Today to reserve your ad before spaces fill up.





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Ad Size Wanted
1/4 Page Ad - $150

1/2 Page Ad - $250

Full Page Ad - $350